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    2. KGE Chemical Industry was invited to attend the Symposium on "New Technology and New Technology" of the Aluminum Processing Committee

      On February 27, at the Symposium of "New Technologies and New Technologies" held by Guangdong Weiye Aluminum Plant Group Co., Ltd., Foshan Yinzheng Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. and Foshan Yinghui Aluminum Profile Co., Ltd., KGE Chemical King was invited to show our superior product, PVDF Fluorocarbon Coatings, to introduce our latest technology and achievements, together with the Aluminum Processing Committee and many excellent enterprises. In-depth exchanges and discussions were carried out around the common problems and development situation of the industry.


             As for the main topic of this symposium, "New Technology, New Technology", KGE Chemicals has been a practitioner who constantly upgrades technology and equipment, innovates process flow and speaks with product quality.

            As the largest supplier of PVDF fluorocarbon coatings in the world, KGE is currently the largest supplier of PVDF fluorocarbon coatings in China. The sales volume of building materials fluorocarbon coatings of KGE ranks far ahead in the country for six consecutive years, and building materials powder coatings rank among the top five in the country.

            KGE not only meets the demand of domestic PVDF fluorocarbon coatings with capacity, but also in order to meet the market demand of eliminating the harm of VOC to the environment, KGE has also introduced a series of PVDF fluorocarbon powder coatings and two series of PVDF fluorocarbon powder coatings for customers to choose.

      KGE Fluorocarbon Powder Coatings

      1. First coat PVDF fluorocarbon powder coating

      KOFULX-CLASS II -2 fluorocarbon powder coating is made of 70% or more PVDF cyanide resin and our company's self-developed high weather resistance, high adhesion acrylic resin and inorganic ceramic pigment liquid after frozen to -180°C with liquid nitrogen and then cryogenically pulverized, and its product performance fully meets or exceeds the AAMA 2605 standard.

      2. Second coat PVDF fluorocarbon powder coatings

      KOFLUX-CLASSⅢ Fluorocarbon powder coating is based on PVDF fluorocarbon powder and epoxy base powder developed independently by our company, which has better corrosion resistance and better mechanical properties.